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Silent Forest Mobiles are hanging mobiles crafted from all natural materials that I have foraged throughout my travels around the globe. Much of what I collect was foraged on the beach of my hometown on the Mediterranean Sea and the surrounding hills. 
The main heroes of this craft are 2 inch tall, pixie-like characters, that are made almost entirely out of natural materials such as acorns, corn husks and bird feathers. 

When I create each individual piece, I design an imaginary world where my characters live in full harmony with their environment. Each mobile contains 1-3 characters engaged in a unique activity, whether it be flying a kite, playing drums, walking a slackline, meditating, traveling, or holding hands as a family.    
*Note: I make these mobiles by the order, so the detail may change (different rocks, different stick, different beads etc) from what you see in the picture, as nothing repeats in nature, but the general design will stay as the picture shows. basicly, the pictures are just an example of this specific design, when you make an order I make a new mobile that will be one of a kind for you.

"Bachata" - Mobile

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