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Silent Forest Mobiles are hanging mobiles crafted from all natural materials that I have foraged throughout my travels around the globe. Much of what I collect was foraged on the beach of my hometown on the Mediterranean Sea and the surrounding hills. 


The main heroes of this craft are 2 inch tall, pixie-like characters, that are made almost entirely out of natural materials such as acorns, corn husks and bird feathers. 


When I create each individual piece, I design an imaginary world where my characters live in full harmony with their environment. Each mobile contains 1-3 characters engaged in a unique activity, whether it be flying a kite, playing drums, walking a slackline, meditating, traveling, or holding hands as a family.    


My hope is that each mobile will awaken the silent forest within people who live in the city, or desire to feel a little closer to nature. The mobiles will add a dose of whimsical magic to any home, business, or community space. 

"Homies Forever" - Ornamnet

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